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Peyton Wray

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Hello, I am Peyton Wray also known as "Malsarthegreat" among many platforms.

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Hello, I am Peyton Wray also known as "Malsarthegreat" among many platforms.

I am a college student whom is currently majoring in Computer Science with emphasis in programming. Art and Computers are my two true passions in life and I contribute most of my life to both each day! I am currently working on starting my own blog where I will post many things .. Mainly because my life is very inconsistent, but that is besides the point here! I very much enjoy reading books (The Giver being one of my favorites), playing video-games (Just like everyone and their mom..), and perusing the many social networking sites I use just for the sake of supporting other artists and getting inspiration! I currently use Reddit, Instagram, and Pinterest. I know, I know.. Deviant Art is the place to go for art.. But I am honestly terrified of the idea because I've heard a ton of bad things about Deviant Art. But I will update this whenever my blog is up and running, for now (if you are interested) go follow me on Instagram for updates on what I am working on and what I have just uploaded to the shop! Thanks!